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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

My Polish Problem

I am finding that one of the reasons I am not being so productive is because of the sort of organized mess I have.  See polish keeps coming in but nothing goes out.  So, I am reaching out to you on even one thing that might help me 1) decide which polishes to sell and 2) what do you do to make sure that you swatch and post your polishes?  I know I don’t have to swatch every polish but it would be nice to be able to show most of them.  Ok, and maybe it is not that bad but I think my biggest problem is what to sell.  Do I go by brand or color.  I have a few items on my blog sale but I could have a lot more.  I know I need to sit and update price that means lower but maybe I need to make a promise that for every polish I buy I sell one.  Like today I bought 8 beautiful Juleps they are having a warehouse sale and they were $3.00 and $4.00.  I can’t pass that up.  So, suggestions are greatly appreciated.  Ok, I am ready to show you my embarrassing secret.

my problem10
All OPI’s holds 96 polishes
my problem4
These shelves were to hold untried but it hasn’t turned out that way.  I have Essie’s, Hard Candies, Nubars, Pretty Serious OPI’s, Periperas,Juleps, and China Glazes.  I got these shelves at Ikea and they hold one polish in front and one behind and since they have a flat surface at the back I can put more polish there as you can see on the lower left side.

my problem5

This shelf has indies, butter Londons's, and the top shelve is China Glaze.

my problem8
If you order the whole collection from Transdesign sometimes they sell the display with the collection.
my problem9
This is a Zoya stand I picked up on eBay for about $4.00

my problem11

 I was at Ulta one day and they were going to through this display out so I asked if I could purchase it, they gave it to me.

my problem12

 On the left is the whole OPI James Bond Collection.  On the right display is the Dutch one.

my problem13

 These are random indies I have ordered.

my problem16

 This is another group of shelves with Essie's, China Glaze, OPI, Nubar, Orly and Color Club.

my problem19

 These are my Jades and Ludrana's they are too small and fall off the shelves.  Gotta figure something out for these ones.

my problem20
 Oh, yes just when I thought I was done I remembered my Essence's and Klean Kolors that I use for stamping or for top coats.  There is about 30 of those.

my problem14

 And this is my messy work area.  Not at all me.  I have always had a desk job and had the neatest desk in the office.  This is really where I am going to start.

my problem1


my problem2

my problem

And of course we can't forget the rings. There are some in a box under the desk.  Plus, Charming Charlies had a BOGO sale on clearance items and I found 6, I just had to have. 

So, I love my polishes but some have to find a new home where they will be loved.  So, my question is do I sort them by color or brand?  What would you do?  And do you think that for every polish you buy you should get rid of one?  Hard thinking.

Ciao bellas,