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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

White: A Summer Trend My Faves for Summer

White is going to be big this Spring and Summer.  So, it got me to thinking which were my favorite whites.  Of course, I love OPI's My Boyfriend Scales Walls but there were some others that I've always liked.
The first one is Essie's Cabana Boy.  It is one of their older polishes but available on Amazon and eBay for below $8.00.  I really love the shimmer on this one plus a slight ting of grayish-lilac.





Covergirl also has a really nice white called Silver Lining 195.  The formula is great on these new covergirl polishes.  This white has more of a silver tint to it.   I kind of really like wearing white because it make my hands look really clean.


This is Pretty Serious Forbidden Fruit that has a mint green tint to it.  It is a great formula.  It is really thick.  I did put a few drops of thinner and two coats was all I needed.  This also has a sparkly feature to it which just makes it that much prettier.
There are three other great polishes you might have or maybe wanted to buy but did not know whether to buy them.  One is China Glaze Dandy Lyin' Around.  This one sparkles with gold sparkles.  The other one is Polish Polish called White Wedding.  And if you are a glitter girl the classic Stairway to Heaven is just perfect.  I do have swatches of white wedding and stairway to heaven on this blog if you want to see them.  I posted these three because these are the ones I reach for the most.
Ciao for now,


Saturday, May 4, 2013

April favorites

 April was a month of a lot of polish and not much nail art.  I ordered a lot of polish.  Probably because it was my birthday and I kept justifying each bottle as a little present to myself.
So, the first polish I want to recognize is of course Claris the beautiful dream pink by Pretty Serious Cosmetics.

 And of course we can't get through April without mentioning Rikki.  My favorite of the shimmers.  Which I ended up buying all of those.  Only bought two pixie dust and am conducting an experiment.  I will report next week on my findings.  But I have nothing like Rikki and I look forward to wearing it often.

 The galaxy manicure was vindication for the two other ones I did and looked horrid.  I finally got it down and I think it looks pretty good.

Butter London's Sunbaker just reminds me of our summer vacation and how I can't wait to get a little sun and listen to some reggae music.


I added Bobby Dazzler not so much because I am in love with the polish but I like the way this picture looks.  I can't wait to wear this.

 This of course is my favorite polish but is it Taboo to spend $27.00 on nail polish?

So, these are my favorites did you see something that you liked during April that I did not add.  Let me know.  I love comments.
Ciao for now,

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Could This Be One of the Polishes You Choose

This is CGA by Pretty Serious Nail polish.  It is a creme pink with a lavender undertone.  I ended up taking about twenty pictures and everyone came out great.  The formula was great, drying quickly.  This color is great.  You can wear it for a day of fun or a night out on the town.  An added plus is that I found this little app on my IPad and you can see what color a polish will look on your skin.  This color looked great on ever skin tone.  I was amazed to see how many nail polish apps they have.  It was really fun playing with them.  Like a kid.  What can I say?  Two coats and a top coat is all I used who could ask for more. 
So, what do you think about this color?

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Pretty Serious Poltergeist Puddle/ Giveaway Ideas

I am in so much trouble.  I LOVE Pretty and Serious Nail polishes.  Where have they been?  I think I discovered them on one of my checking everyone's blog for giveaway days.   I could have been doing other things but no I was surfing for giveaways because I haven't won one in a while.  Hmm?  But one month I won like four.  So, as many things luck must come and go.  I saw these and I just loved them.  I have another post about a pink polish from their line called Claris.  I have one that I need to swatch and two ordered.   You know what is so great about this particular polish is that it is a purple red, not a purple blue.  I had never seen a purple red and definitely do not have anything like this in my collection.  I had to have it.  Customer service is excellent both at Llarowe and at Pretty Serious if you are thinking of buying.  I have never had any trouble so far and mailing time from both sites are pretty good I think Pretty Serious was a little faster but that is all they ship not like Llarowe that carries many lines.  So, if you like this go check out their websites and see if there is something you like. I'd really like to hear your comments because I do have a blogaversary coming up and I do have some items and if this is an item many readers like I might throw a bottle into the giveaway.  So, check it out and let me know.  I am not affiliated with any polish company and all the items in my giveaways are paid by me that is why it is important for me to know what you want. So, leave a comment please even if it is not a polish from Pretty Serious if there is one that you know of that you think it is to die for leave it in the comment section.


Ciao bellas,

Saturday, March 23, 2013

One of My Dream Polishes

I was reading Polishaholic's blog and she asked the question what would be your ideal nail polish and I clearly remember saying something in a pink with a little duochrome.  I found it.  It was serendipity.  Llarowe sent me a message saying a polish I wanted was available so I went to the site to buy it and well while I was there I had to shop around. 

I had heard about Pretty Serious Polish but never really tried it or seen too many swatches of it.  So, is started looking and there it was as a matter of fact there were two.  I decided on one and will eventually get the other.  The name of the polish is Claris and it is to die for if you like pink.  It has gold flakes and goes on like a dream.  It is just so pretty, I love it.  As a matter of fact I love their whole line and you know what that means.  I'll be spending some Pretty Serious money on polish.  That worked out pretty well.  So, here is one of my dream polishes.

Cute bottle.

See the gold flecks and hints of yellow.
 Doesn't this ring look perfect with this polish

And look at how cute the box is.  I know that I wrote a post called buyer beware and it was about keeping your polish in dark boxes because after a while the polish will take on the color of the box.
Here is a link to the post if you want to read it.   It is fine to buy a polish without a box but think about when you buy a pair of shoes, don't you want them in the box and not just thrown in a bag.  I know eventually you will throw the box away but there is something so cute about a bottle of polish in a box.  Like shoes in a box.
Ciao for now,