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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Orly Velvet Robe

I did go change Velvet Robe.  I am much happier with it but I found another one I really like on ebay.  I'll probably order it this week.  I am just dying for the James Bond OPI collection because I am going to buy the whole thing.  Ok, I  bought it all.   My husband was sitting right there and said yeah that is a good deal it is $6.00 a bottle.  He knows I'll eventually buy it all anyway if I want it but knows I will not buy other things to have this collection.  OK, back to Velvet Robe it is a really regal purple with a slight bit of shinies.  Check it out.





Ok, Goldie insisted on being in this post because she went with me to Sally's to trade the polish.  I have like a little stroller for her and she really did  behave really well.  She says she is not getting enough air time.  So, Goldie says hi and she is totally waiting to go to sleep right now so she will just have to wait till I am finished and I'll have to tell her she wanted her new picture posted.  Her birthday is coming up so we are going to have a little birthday party for her.  No other dogs will be there because she has no friends except her dumb baby daddy.  I have a picture of that mutt I am going to post it soon.  Well, that is all for Goldie and me.  Time for bed.