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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Kimber’s Challenge A-Z Letter O

Today letter O stands for what else can you expect from me, sorry, O stands for Nars Orgasm.  I remember when this collection came out everyone went wild for it.  It is still popular today.  I got this polish less than a year ago because I just really like corals and thought it would be naughty to have.   So, the formula on this one better than last week’s Night Porter but it does take a while to dry and when it is late and you want to go to sleep and your husband is asking you in that way to come to bed I just look at him and say I gotta do this.  You can imagine what his response is.  But I do love the color but again is it worth the price tag and I just got to say no.  I bought it because my daughter was in town and she has the blush and lipstick and I told her I would buy the nail polish to match.  She was up an hour doing her nails just because this polish needs three coats for opacity and then like ten minutes in between coats to dry.  So, here I am with another bad review.  Third one this month, I am just being honest but with this one I can at least see some nice stamping going on and the color isn’t that bad just not Wow!  So, here are my pictures.
So, now I have a question for all those who haven’t seen this yet.  This is from GALS plate 24.  What is this image?  I think it goes appropriately with this polish.  Maybe I should take it to the streets.  I should go to the mall wearing this polish and see what kind of reactions I get.   I am going to do that.  It is literally driving me crazy because some of you know what I think it is.  I just might have to write to GALS and find out what it is.  But I’ll have a little fun with it before I do that.

Ciao for now,

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Kimber’s Challenge A-Z N is for NARS Night Porter

This is a Nars polish I have had for about two years and really have not worn that much but I keep it because it really is pretty in person in pictures it just gets lost.  I must have taken at least 30 pictures and could not get this shimmer.  This is a shimmer polish but to me it looks much more like a crème.  Now, I do have to admit that the formula is just ok.  It is not outstanding like some other polishes and I got to thinking maybe that is why I don’t reach for it as much.  Once it dries and has top coat it is ok but Nars polishes are quite pricey and for that amount of money.  I want outstanding.  I did not get that with this polish.  I just wanted to make sure I got two N’s for this challenge.  Next week is O maybe I will try that other very popular O polish for that one.  HMM.  Maybe?
Ciao for now,  I do have swatches that are ready to go and I am so hoping I can post them tomorrow.