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Saturday, May 4, 2013

April favorites

 April was a month of a lot of polish and not much nail art.  I ordered a lot of polish.  Probably because it was my birthday and I kept justifying each bottle as a little present to myself.
So, the first polish I want to recognize is of course Claris the beautiful dream pink by Pretty Serious Cosmetics.

 And of course we can't get through April without mentioning Rikki.  My favorite of the shimmers.  Which I ended up buying all of those.  Only bought two pixie dust and am conducting an experiment.  I will report next week on my findings.  But I have nothing like Rikki and I look forward to wearing it often.

 The galaxy manicure was vindication for the two other ones I did and looked horrid.  I finally got it down and I think it looks pretty good.

Butter London's Sunbaker just reminds me of our summer vacation and how I can't wait to get a little sun and listen to some reggae music.


I added Bobby Dazzler not so much because I am in love with the polish but I like the way this picture looks.  I can't wait to wear this.

 This of course is my favorite polish but is it Taboo to spend $27.00 on nail polish?

So, these are my favorites did you see something that you liked during April that I did not add.  Let me know.  I love comments.
Ciao for now,