Friday, February 8, 2013

Ciate Monte Carlo

Good evening, today I have a beautifulolish that most of you are just going to skip out on and that is fine.  Everyone is entitled to their opinions including myself and my opinion right now is that I have bought 3 bottles of Ciate polish and they are a high quality item.  I ran across them when ordering some hotter London items.  I was impressed with the quality and price $15.00 just like butter London.this is a bar glitter polish.  I used one coat of ciate Starlet and one boat of the Monte Carlo.  It was beautiful.  I am impressed with their products and will continue to purchase what I like.  Life is too short to carry grudges and here we sit banning their products.  Do you even think they remember the whole caviar incident.  No, they don't and me I choose to forget about it.  Polish is my drug and if I find one that makes me feel this good.  I am not giving it up.  It is a personal choice, besides have you seen how cute the bottle it comes in is?

Ciao for now,






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