Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Butterflies are Free to Fly

Who doesn’t love butterflies?   They don’t bite most are very colorful.  Have you ever been in a field where a swarm of butterflies fly past you.  Probably not anymore with so much builiding going up.  When I was in second grade I used to walk to school and there was a field and on Spring mornings there were always butterflies in the field next to me.  I think that is when my obsession with butterflies started.  I was even noticing I have around five pair of butterfly underwear but it doesn’t compare to my obsession with nail polish but now I can have the best of both worlds nail polish and butterflies on my nails. 
This is a gradient I did with funky fingers nail polish.  I used a neon yellow and a dark blue because I knew the blue would give me more of the color green I wanted.   I used my practice finger for this.  I got the butterfly stamp from my DRK-A plate.  I need to say something about that plate.  I have told you all before that I have a really hard time stamping with regular polish and need to use Konad polish but this plate’s designs are pretty deep that I can actually work with some regular polishes. So, if you want to recreate this gradient I really recommend using a blue to create your green instead of green, it just seems to give the green a little different tint.
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